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Next Club Meeting: Tuesday, May 25th, 7 PM Via Zoom – With Rep. Marcy Kaptur!

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Featured Speakers:


Rep. Kaptur will address January 6th, the Biden/Harris administration, Congressional dynamics and legislation, her committees, redistricting, and allow time for Q&A.

Rocky River is divided Congressionally (it should not be) and Rep. Kaptur represents the approximate geographic area of the city north of Detroit Avenue; with her district also including Lakewood, Bay Village and beyond.  To visit Rep. Kaptur’s website, CLICK HERE.

MATTHEW DIEMER, Democratic candidate for Congress

Mr. Diemer is running for Congress in next year’s midterm elections.  The approximate geographic area of Rocky River south of Detroit Avenue is currently in Congressional District 16 that is now represented by Anthony Gonzalez. Congressional redistricting takes place this year and geographic districts are expected to change.  Mr. Diemer will share the key components of his campaign platform and allow time for Q&A. To visit Mr. Diemer’s website, CLICK HERE.

To receive the Zoom link for the Tuesday, May 25th Club meeting at 7 PM, please first RSVP and CLICK HERE 

Our Zoom account is limited to 100 attendees. RSVP’s are on a first-come, first-served basis.  The actual Zoom logon will be provided on May 25th.

VOTE! Tuesday, May 4th – The School Levy

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The Rocky River Democratic Club is pleased to endorse Issue 11 — The Rocky River City School levy.

In-person voting on May 4th in Rocky River:
There are only two in-person voting locations in Rocky River on May 4th:

  • Rocky River United Methodist Church, 19414 Detroit Rd.
  • Rocky River Civic Center, 21016 Hilliard Blvd.

To check where you are assigned to vote in-person, visit the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website “Where Do I Vote” by CLICKING HERE or call them at: 216-443-8683.

Or, if you show-up at the wrong location, a poll worker will simply direct you to the other location.

Next Club Meeting: Tuesday, April 27th via Zoom

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Featured Speakers:

GRANT GOODRICH, Executive Director, Great Lakes Energy Institute, Case Western Reserve University.   Their mission: advancing energy initiatives including energy storage, solar, and emerging technologies.

RICH SNYDER, Director, Public Safety-Service, City of Rocky River.  Focus: the environment in our community.

JIM ROKAKIS, Senior Advisor for Land Banks, Western Reserve Land Conservancy.  Their mission: To provide the people of our region with essential natural assets through land conservation and restoration.

In April 2019, the Rocky River Democratic Club was pleased to co-host a meeting on Climate Change at the Don Umerley Civic Center that was attended by over 150 residents of our community and surrounding suburbs. Our community joins people around the world in recognizing the existential threat posed by climate change.

To receive the Zoom link for April 27th, please first RSVP and CLICK HERE

Last Thursday, April 22nd, was Earth Day 2021.  The President hosted a climate summit with 40 world leaders; and his infrastructure plan addresses climate change in a big way.  Many local organizations participated in Earth Day with a variety of activities.  The following in our own community is still open.

City of Rocky River
Trash to Treasure Contest.  Turn a piece of unwanted waste into something fun. Drop off entries at Memorial Hall between now and April 29th. Judging will be on April 30th, and winners will be displayed at the Civic Center from April 30 – May 7.  For more information, visit

Next Club Meeting: Tuesday, March 30th, 7 PM Via Zoom

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Featured Speakers:

DR. MICHAEL SHOAF, Superintendent, Rocky River City School District  

Dr. Shoaf will provide an overview of the operating levy that will be on the May 4th ballot, provide a general update on schools, and answer questions. 

More information about the school levy and how to vote on May 4th is below.

FAYTH SIMS, Organizer, Rocky River Black Lives Matter
STACEY REID, Representing the Club in the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio’s workshop

Both Ms. Sims and Ms. Reid will share information and perspectives on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion in our community.

HEATHER MACALLA, Representing the League of Women Voters and Common Cause

As the majority party, Republicans will draw Ohio’s Congressional districts this year.  It will determine voting outcomes in our state for the next ten years.  Rocky River is divided across two Congressional districts; and both look like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Ms. Macalla will provide an overview of redistricting and how we can help shape Rocky River’s Congressional district that will go into effect for next year’s Midterm elections.

To RSVP for the March 30th Club meeting, please CLICK HEREYou’ll receive the actual Zoom link on the 30th.



The operating levy for the Rocky River School District will appear on your May 4th ballot as follows:

Proposed Tax Levy
Rocky River City School District
A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

An additional tax for the benefit of the Rocky River City School District for the purpose of current expenses and for general permanent improvements at a rate not exceeding 4.9 mills (apportioned 4.65 mills to current expenses and 0.25 mill to general permanent improvements) for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 49 cents for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2021, first due in calendar year 2022.
Register to Vote:
April 5: Deadline to register to vote. 
  • Register online with the Board of Elections, CLICK HERE or call them at (216) 443-8683
  • Register at the Rocky River Public Library, 1600 Hampton

Vote by Mail:
You must proactively request a vote by mail ballot 

  • Online: Request a vote by mail application from the Board of Elections. CLICK HERE
  • Phone: Call the Board of Elections at (216) 443-8683.


Early In-Person Voting:
April 6: Early in-person voting begins at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (BOE)

  • Even though this is a local, Rocky River school levy issue, you can cast your vote at the Board of Elections located at 2925 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
  • For the complete early in-person voting schedule at the BOE, scroll to the bottom of this message.
In-person voting on May 4 in Rocky River:
We’ll provide the list of voting locations in Rocky River closer to the May 4th date.

Next Club Meeting Via Zoom: Tuesday, February 23rd at 7 PM

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Tuesday, February 23, 7 PM via Zoom

Featured Speakers:

LIZ WALTERS, Chair, Ohio Democratic Party
Ohio was once considered a key battleground state.  Democratic Party losses in the state over the last several election cycles have many political experts wondering about Ohio’s future when compared to Arizona and Georgia.  Ms. Walters will share her vision about the political future of our state; and most importantly, will listen to our feedback during the meeting. This is our opportunity to let the leadership of the Ohio Democratic Party know our thoughts about how Democrats can win in Ohio.

Rep. Smith will serve on the following committees in the 134th General Assembly: Commerce and Labor, Economic and Workforce Development, and Technology and Innovation.  She will provide an update on the activities of those committees and provide her perspective on Ohio Government as she begins her freshman term as our Representative. 


Officer Elections:
Officer elections will take place for the Rocky River Democratic Club (RRDC).

The current Club President, Secretary and Treasurer are willing to serve another two year term.  However, new leadership and the potential energy it brings is always welcome!  If you would like to run for any of the officer roles of the RRDC — President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer — please submit your name, the officer role, and a brief description about yourself to:

RRDC Officer requirements: resident of Rocky River, registered Democrat as verified by the Board of Elections, and current dues-paying member.  For a complete description of the duties and responsibilities of Club officers, please see the Club’s bylaws by CLICKING HERE.

Membership Dues:
Club dues are payable in March for the upcoming year.  Dues allow the RRDC to promote voting in every election that takes place in Rocky River.  For example, in last year’s General Election, the Club produced custom door hangers and postcards.  Your membership dues make a difference!

Rates per year: 
Family: $30 / Individual: $20 / Senior: $10 / Student: $5

Two convenient ways to pay Club dues:
1. Safely and securely online by CLICKING HERE.  Select the appropriate level on the right side of the screen and pay via credit card.
2. Print the member form and mail a paper check.  To print the member form, CLICK HERE.

To receive the link to the Club meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 7 PM via Zoom, please CLICK HERE.

Next Club Meeting via Zoom: Tuesday, January 26, 7 PM

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Tuesday, January 26, 7 PM via Zoom

Featured Speakers:

SHONTEL BROWN, Chairwoman, Cuyahoga County Democratic Party
Ms. Brown will provide an overview of the important issues the CCDP will address this year.

PAULINE TEREBUH, MD, MPH, Infectious Diseases, The Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Dr. Terebuh will provide an overview of the role the Board of Health plays in greater Cleveland, review the various Covid-19 vaccines and their protocols, preview the expected distribution timelines for population segments in our County, address the educational component of promoting the vaccine, and answer your questions.

STACEY HAYMAN, Outreach Coordinator, Rocky River Public Library 
During this time of Covid-19, Ms. Hayman will provide an overview of activities and programs available through the Library.

ANDREA MEDIATE, Organizer with the Rocky River Green Team
Climate change and the environment are important to our community.  Ms. Mediate will provide an overview of the Green Team’s activities and efforts in our community.  To learn more about the Rocky River Green Team, visit their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

To receive the link to the Club meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 7 PM via Zoom, please CLICK HERE.


Sen. Portman statement on January 13th:
“…the attack on the US Capitol was an attack on democracy itself, and the President bears some responsibility for what occurred…If the Senate conducts an impeachment trial, among my considerations will be what is best to help heal our country rather than deepen our divisions.”

Please contact Sen. Portman and remind him that the process of healing begins with holding Trump accountable for his actions.  He should vote “yes” to convict Trump for – in Portman’s own words – “an attack on democracy itself.”

Our calls and emails DO make a difference!

Cleveland Office: 216-522-7095

Washington, DC Office: 202-224-3353

Email: use the online form at