2022 Award Winners!!

We want to thank everyone that made it to our holiday party/December meeting this past Tuesday AND further thank everyone that volunteered their time and energy in 2022 to help support Democratic initiatives and our Democratic candidates.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you are what inspires us!!

We awarded a few community and club members with awards to recognize their exemplary efforts during the 2022 campaign season and through our club last year. The award winners are as follows:

Rocky River Democrat of the Year: Patrick O’Connor
Rocky River Democratic Precinct Leader of the Year: Russ Carson
Rocky River Democratic Volunteer of the Year: Tim Piai
Rocky River Democratic Epistolarian of the Year: Mark Szabo
Rocky River Democratic Club Election Volunteer of the Year: Liz Harmath

Not all were in attendance, but Patrick, Russ, and Tim were able to make it in and County Chair of the Democratic Party, Dave Brock, was delighted to present them with their awards!!

(Tim Piai, Russ Carson, and Patrick O’Connor pictured in order below)
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