Mission Statement

The mission of the Rocky River Democratic Club is to develop a strong community that supports the values of the Democratic Party and promotes its endorsed candidates in local, county, state and national elections.  It serves as a resource of actionable ways to promote Democratic Party values and defend challenges to them. The Club offers support to civic and community organizations that share Democratic values. The Rocky River Democratic Club sponsors community events to promote and educate its members on relevant and timely issues.  Club meetings provide an opportunity to meet fellow residents who share a common belief in sound, responsible government.

Club Officers

President: Mike O’Neil

Vice President: Dick Middaugh

Treasurer: Rob McRae

Secretary: Rick Hatala

Executive Committee

Chris Baran

Steve Dever

Jeanne Gallagher

Liz Gerstenhaber

Deb Lucas


Rocky River Precinct Leaders

1-A       John Zuercher

1-B       Helen Christina Morris

1-C       Thomas Pavlik

1-D       Anthony Patton

2-A       Brigid Talty

2-B       Open

2-C       John Fox

2-D       Leslie Hahn

3-A       Jeanne Gallagher

3-B       Mike O’Neil

3-C       James Shannon

3-D       Steve Dever

4-A       Emily Hagan

4-B       Debra Lucas

4-C       Open

4-D       Andrew Dever