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Icebreaker Wind Project – Take Action to Help Fight Climate Change!

Each of us tries to do our part by using LED bulbs, purchasing energy-efficient appliances, etc. Cleveland now has the potential to make an impact on a larger scale with the implementation of the Icebreaker Wind Project.

Icebreaker Wind Project is a 6-turbine wind farm in the waters of Lake Erie off the coast of Cleveland. It will generate clean, renewable energy and contribute to our area’s economy with more than 500 construction jobs and a projected economic impact of $168M.

The Icebreaker Wind Project would be only the second offshore wind project in the entire United States, and it offers Ohio the opportunity to become a national leader in an emerging industry. It has earned all required Federal approvals, albeit requires a final certificate from the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB).

PLEASE CLICK HERE and print the letter to Sam Randazzo, Chairman of the OPSB, urging him to grant the certificate. Simply sign your name, address an envelope, and drop it in the mail. It will take a minute and cost a first class stamp, and it is worth the effort for this important cause.

During this season of giving, there is no greater gift we can give to our families than to join our voices together and be heard about the most important issue facing our planet. We, the residents of greater Cleveland, can make a difference on climate change! So again, CLICK HERE to print and send the letter.

Thank you!

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Push Alert Notifications and Digital Activism

Knowing who to call and when may seem overwhelming.  The following organizations help provide focus by pushing alerts to you about timely issues while providing simple ways to contact your representatives or take action.  Please consider adding one or more to your personal commitment to activism.

Fair Districts Ohio is focused on reforming Ohio’s Congressional districts.  Sign-up to receive text or email updates and help make fair districts a reality.

5 Calls gives you the option of receiving weekly texts or emails with links to details on specific issues about which you can call, as well as links for easily contacting representatives.

Daily Action sends users an alert every weekday with a simple action to take to push back on government stances with which they disagree.

Call Them In focuses on tax reform and protecting healthcare, and provides email alerts with scripts for calling.

We are the 65 has facebook and twitter alerts that you can follow, and provides scripts for calling legislators.

Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress (faxes, actually!).  Visit the site or simply text “resist” to 50409 to be walked through a few quick steps.

Ultraviolet provides links to specific boycotting and petition campaigns to protest gender inequality.

Calling Legislators is more effective than emailing them.  Learn more here.

Helpful tips for making calls can be viewed here.

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Contact Your Representatives Often! Our Combined Voices Make a Difference.

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As a resident of Rocky River, Ohio, your elected Executive and Legislative Representatives are:

  • Mayor: Pamela Bobst (R)
  • City Council: Thomas Hunt (R), James Moran (R), Michael McDonnell (R), John Sheperd (R), David Furry (R), Christina Morris (D), Christopher Klym (R)
  • President: Donald Trump (R)
  • Vice President: Mike Pence (R)
  • United States Senate: Sherrod Brown (D) and Rob Portman (R)
  • United States Congress: Marcy Kaptur (D), 9th District or Anthony Gonzalez (R), 16th District
  • Ohio Governor: John Kasich (R)
  • Ohio Senate: Matt Dolan  (R), 24th District
  • Ohio House of Representatives: Dave Greenspan (R), 16th District

Contact information for your Ohio Representatives

Did you notice? – There are a lot of “Rs” above.

Did you know? – Hillary Clinton won in Rocky River.

Print a copy of your state Representatives here as a handy reference guide.


Contact Your Representatives Often! Our Combined Voices Make a Difference. Read More »

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