May Meeting!! Chairwoman Liz Walters!! Supreme Court Event!! Please RSVP!!

Rocky River Democrats May Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday May 28th at the Rocky River Public Library and on Zoom, 6:30pm social time, 7:00pm meeting start.

Chairwoman of the Ohio Democratic Party, Liz Walters, will be our speaker for the meeting and she will be appearing IN PERSON!! This is an amazing opportunity to hear from the statewide Democratic Party leader about this year’s crucial elections, what the Party is doing to ensure success, and how we can get involved and be successful!!


Ohio Supreme Court Race!

The Supreme Court race in Ohio is going to be beyond monumental to preserving our democracy in Ohio and making sure we have a fair, open-minded, and non-reactionary judiciary is ESSENTIAL to protecting our rights! Please consider attending this event with our three judicial candidates coming up on Thursday June 27th!

Check to make sure you haven’t been purged!

Ahead of the November election, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has instructed officials to purge inactive voters from the rolls. Here is what you need to do to find out if you are still registered — plus how you can stay registered!

Ohio Votes Count Act!

House Bill 472, also known as the Ohio Votes Count Act, was recently introduced in the Ohio House, as announced by co-sponsor of the legislation, State Rep. Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester). The bill is sponsored by State Reps. Bernie Willis (R-Springfield) and Bob Peterson (R-Sabina).

According to Rep. Gross, “the Ohio Votes Count Act aims to increase election integrity by reforming Ohio’s voter registration system and establishing cyber security protections and standards.”

This bill represents yet another attempt by the Republican-dominated legislature to make sweeping changes to how voting and elections work in Ohio. Among others, it includes provisions that would make it harder for some Ohioans to register to vote and cast absentee ballots.(Ohioans have been able to register to vote and cast mail-in ballots by using the last four digits of their Social Security number. With HB 472, voters would have to provide a legible copy of their driver’s license or state ID card.)

Read about the bill and its status here

Read an analysis of the bill here

Read Columbus Dispatch reporting here

Read Axios Columbus reporting here

Membership Renewals!

We are currently in our membership drive for 2024! If you have not renewed your membership, see one of us at the next meeting, or you can renew online HERE

Due to the rising costs of postage, scheduling of events, and other club duties, we unfortunately have had to raise our membership rates only slightly–individual memberships have increased to $30 (from $20), and family memberships have increased to $40 (from $30)–senior and student memberships will remain the same, at $10 and $5, respectively. While we hate to have to raise rates, it will go a long way to help us stage events, including postcard parties and community gatherings, maintaining the website, room rentals, printing, and sponsoring get-out-the-vote events and yard sign drives, all of which will become INCREDIBLY important in this CRUCIAL election year!

As always, if you can add more, it will cover someone who can afford less.  Everyone is welcome at the amount you are comfortable contributing.

Citizens Not Politicians!

Citizens Not Politicians needs your help! Go to Fair Districts Ohio HERE to learn more about the initiative and learn how you can help gather signatures prior to the June filing deadline! You’ll need to sign up for short training, which you can do HERE, and then volunteer to help add names to the petitions!

If you have been trained, please sign up to take a shift collecting signatures.

Use this link to find a date, location and time that works best for you.

If you haven’t been trained yet…

YOU can help make this happen!

First step: 

Please sign up to volunteer!

(You have to fill out that form even if you have already trained!).

Second step:

Listen to this recording, look at these slides, then take this online quiz.

Essential resource:


We Need Your Help!

We are looking for a volunteer to join the Rocky River Democrats Executive Committee as the Corresponding Secretary. We are looking for some with good writing and technical skills to help with email communication and website updates. If you, or someone you know is interested, please fill out the form HERE. This is a great opportunity to put your talents to work, get more involved with the club, and help in this crucial election year!!

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