A Call with Dem Chair Walters, Tonight, 6:30!!

From the Party Affairs Director, Belynda J. Wesley

With just 19 days left until Election Day, it’s time to unite and finalize our strategies to engage with as many voters as possible in this crucial final push. We’re excited to announce our upcoming event, the “Three Weeks Out: Yes on Issue 1 Campaign Virtual Update,” this evening and we’re calling on all of you to be a part of this important initiative.

Event Details:

During this virtual event, Chair Walters will provide valuable insights into the current state of the race. We’ll celebrate our achievements thus far, and most importantly, outline the critical actions needed to secure victory. We are excited to unveil our comprehensive plans to maximize voter contact during the GOTV phase and provide you with clear action steps that your county can take to get actively involved.

Why Your Participation Matters:

It’s crucial that we come together and fill this Zoom call with as many Ohio Democrats as possible. We urge you to:

  • Ensure that your party members attend the event.
  • Share the Mobilize link across your social media accounts.
  • Send this event information to your email lists.

Remember that our similar call in August significantly boosted our organizing efforts. Let’s recreate that momentum and drive the YES campaign towards a resounding victory in these final crucial weeks.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your commitment and hard work to ensure the success of this event and our broader campaign.

Please join the call if you’re available!

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