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Feb 26 Meeting Topic: Gerrymandering

Petition Signing Event

Cynthia White, the Bay Village LWV Chair, will be our guest at the next Rocky River Dem Club Meeting at the RRPL. We will discuss how important this legislation is and potentially getting your neighbors to sign, too.

Feb. 26 6:30PM Social, 7:00PM Speakers RRPL and Zoom!


Mike O’Malley Fundraiser Information

Important dates for the primary! Make your plan to Vote!

Don’t miss out on shaping the future! Here are important dates related to the March 19, 2024 Presidential Primary Election.

Dec 20 – Vote-by-Mail ballot applications accepted

Request to have a Vote-by-Mail ballot application mailed to you. 
Go to
Or call 216-443-VOTE (8683)

Feb 20 – Voter registration deadline: 9:00 pm

Feb 21 – Early voting begins (in-person & Vote-by Mail)

Mar 12, 8:30 pm – Vote-by-Mail ballot application deadline

Mar 18 – Vote-by-Mail postmark deadline

Mar 19 – Election Day; polls open 6:30 am-7:30 pm

Act now and make your voice count!

Vote-by-Mail Applications are being accepted until March 12!
For the March 19, 2024, Presidential Primary Election, 
Vote-by-Mail Applications MUST be marked as:
X – Democratic,
X – Republican, or
X – Issues Only
Forgetting to mark a party is the # 1 reason a Vote-by-Mail Application is rejected!

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Congratulations Jeanne and Mike! District 7 Delegates for the Democratic Convention in August!

Congratulations to the other District 7 delegates, Bride Rose Sweeney, Matt Patton, Kelly Kosek, Sean Brennan and Alternate, Tiffany Underhile.

And thank you to all the Rocky River folks who came out to vote!

Our next meeting is January 30 at the RRPL and on Zoom

Please RSVP

Our guest speaker will be Ohio Dem Chair Liz Walters. Please join us!

Congratulations Jeanne and Mike! District 7 Delegates for the Democratic Convention in August! Read More »

Happy New Year, 2024!

We need you!

Jeanne Gallagher and Mike O’Shea are running to be delegates for District 7 and Rocky River at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in August. They need your Rocky River votes to secure their positions. Please consider attending the caucus and voting for them!! There are 45 others in the running and, as always, your vote matters!!

6:30pm on January 9, 2024 

UAW Hall Local 1005,
5615 Chevrolet Boulevard,
Parma, Ohio  44130

RSVP and let us know if you can vote at

More about the delegate process here

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Congratulations and gratitude!

You’re invited to the City of Rocky River Inauguration, December 20 at 6PM in Council Chambers.

Congratulations to all the newly elected Democrats – Paul Shipp, Mike O’Boyle, Jeanne Gallagher, Christina Morris, Mike O’Shea. Way to go!

Thank you to our friends in Westlake, Bay, Fairview, and North Olmsted for helping us throw a great and successful Holiday Party!

And thank all of our members who participated! It was a joyous and hopeful occasion!

Happy Holidays!!

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We did it! YOU did it! WHAT A TURNOUT!

Congratulations to Paul Shipp, Mike O’Boyle, Jeanne Gallagher, Christina Morris, Mike O’Shea, Addie Olander & Kelly Frindt

The race between Lisa Havemann and Tom Hunt is not clear so here’s a summary: (thank you, Lisa!)

The results in Ward 1 are very close and may be impacted by provisional and absentee ballots. According to the Board of Elections (BOE), Rocky River had 109 provisional ballots. Since the BOE reports these by city, the number per ward is not known. Additionally, Rocky River had 213 unreturned ballots and 59 of those were from Ward 1. If postmarked by 11/6 and received by 11/11, the BOE will add the votes from those absentee ballots to the final tally. The accepted provisional and absentee ballot envelopes will not be opened until 11/20, and the votes will be reflected in the final certified results on 11/28/23.

While Ward 2 was also a close race, the unreturned ballots are not expected to adversely affect the outcome in Ward 2 (the race between Mike O’Boyle and Jim Moran). Given the fantastic turn out driven by Issue 1, the outstanding ballots likely to lean blue!

If the results are within 0.5%, an automatic recount will occur after 11/28. As many of you know, the poll ran out of Ward 1D ballots and had voters use Ward 1C ballots instead, causing voters to express concern as they left the polling location. Additionally, at the end of the night, three sets of scanner results were taped to the doors. However, two were for the same scanner. Given the confusion and closeness of the results, a recount is likely to be requested to ensure all votes were counted and recorded correctly.

Maps? We love maps!!

How did your city vote on abortion rights at

Holiday Party with the Westshore Coalition

We are getting together with our neighbors for our next meeting. Join us for holiday cheer and refreshments on November 30 at 7pm at the Porter Library in Westlake. Please RSVP! Thanks!


Tonight, Fundraiser for Kira Krivosh

And one more time, THANK YOU, Rocky River DEMS for being engaged and caring members of the Democracy! None of this happens without you!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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The Last Weekend!

First, thank you so much for all you have done to promote and protect democracy! Y’all are THE BEST!

There are a few spots left for poll workers on the West Side. If you’d like to volunteer, we appreciate it. This is organized by our area wide Dem coalition and you’ll be given food and sample ballots to hand out:

Nick’s Voting Guide!

Plan your vote!

For Rocky River Voters

Please vote for these candidates and issues on the November 7, 2023 Election

Statewide Issues

Issue 1: The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety Amendment

Vote YES

Issue 2: Marijuana Legalization Initiative (would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol)

Vote YES

Countywide Issues

Issue 5: Cuyahoga Community College tax levy

Vote YES

Rocky River Municipal Court

Vote Thomas Kelly for Judge

Local Candidates

Ward 1 Council Member: Vote Lisa Havemann

Ward 2 Council Member: Vote Michael O’Boyle

Ward 3 Council Member: Vote Jeanne Gallagher

Ward 4 Council Member: Vote Paul Shipp

At-Large Council Member: Vote Christina Morris

Law Directory: Vote Mike O’Shea

Board of Education (Vote for no more than 2)

Vote Addie Olander, Kelly Rucker Frindt, or Claire Hollywood

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Statement Regarding PD/ Failure to Endorse Issue 1

Rocky River Democrats stand with The Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus, GrassRoots Resistance, Black Women’s Political Action Committee and the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats in Calling Out the PD/ for their Cowardice!

Postcard Pizza Party on Thursday!

Fill out postcards, eat some pizza and learn about our local candidates! (speakers start at 7)

Please bring stamps if you can!

We will have signs, too!

Hey folks. Although I am unopposed this year for Law Director, I don’t want anyone to think I take my election for granted. I have yard signs that we are going to place for just the last 14 days of the election.

No pressure, as I assume that many folks may be getting yard-sign fatigue at this point. We will place – and pick-up ASAP after the election. 

Just text me at 216-470-8098 if you want one, or just email me at if that is easier. 

Keep the faith. Be safe and well. Thanks.

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A Call with Dem Chair Walters, Tonight, 6:30!!

From the Party Affairs Director, Belynda J. Wesley

With just 19 days left until Election Day, it’s time to unite and finalize our strategies to engage with as many voters as possible in this crucial final push. We’re excited to announce our upcoming event, the “Three Weeks Out: Yes on Issue 1 Campaign Virtual Update,” this evening and we’re calling on all of you to be a part of this important initiative.

Event Details:

During this virtual event, Chair Walters will provide valuable insights into the current state of the race. We’ll celebrate our achievements thus far, and most importantly, outline the critical actions needed to secure victory. We are excited to unveil our comprehensive plans to maximize voter contact during the GOTV phase and provide you with clear action steps that your county can take to get actively involved.

Why Your Participation Matters:

It’s crucial that we come together and fill this Zoom call with as many Ohio Democrats as possible. We urge you to:

  • Ensure that your party members attend the event.
  • Share the Mobilize link across your social media accounts.
  • Send this event information to your email lists.

Remember that our similar call in August significantly boosted our organizing efforts. Let’s recreate that momentum and drive the YES campaign towards a resounding victory in these final crucial weeks.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your commitment and hard work to ensure the success of this event and our broader campaign.

Please join the call if you’re available!

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