We did it! YOU did it! WHAT A TURNOUT!

Congratulations to Paul Shipp, Mike O’Boyle, Jeanne Gallagher, Christina Morris, Mike O’Shea, Addie Olander & Kelly Frindt

The race between Lisa Havemann and Tom Hunt is not clear so here’s a summary: (thank you, Lisa!)

The results in Ward 1 are very close and may be impacted by provisional and absentee ballots. According to the Board of Elections (BOE), Rocky River had 109 provisional ballots. Since the BOE reports these by city, the number per ward is not known. Additionally, Rocky River had 213 unreturned ballots and 59 of those were from Ward 1. If postmarked by 11/6 and received by 11/11, the BOE will add the votes from those absentee ballots to the final tally. The accepted provisional and absentee ballot envelopes will not be opened until 11/20, and the votes will be reflected in the final certified results on 11/28/23.

While Ward 2 was also a close race, the unreturned ballots are not expected to adversely affect the outcome in Ward 2 (the race between Mike O’Boyle and Jim Moran). Given the fantastic turn out driven by Issue 1, the outstanding ballots likely to lean blue!

If the results are within 0.5%, an automatic recount will occur after 11/28. As many of you know, the poll ran out of Ward 1D ballots and had voters use Ward 1C ballots instead, causing voters to express concern as they left the polling location. Additionally, at the end of the night, three sets of scanner results were taped to the doors. However, two were for the same scanner. Given the confusion and closeness of the results, a recount is likely to be requested to ensure all votes were counted and recorded correctly.

Maps? We love maps!!

How did your city vote on abortion rights at cleveland.com

Holiday Party with the Westshore Coalition

We are getting together with our neighbors for our next meeting. Join us for holiday cheer and refreshments on November 30 at 7pm at the Porter Library in Westlake. Please RSVP! Thanks!


Tonight, Fundraiser for Kira Krivosh

And one more time, THANK YOU, Rocky River DEMS for being engaged and caring members of the Democracy! None of this happens without you!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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