Let’s Keep The Momentum Going!

It’s about 15 days until the most important Midterm Election in a generation.

All efforts are focused on getting people to vote. 

If you’d like to make an impact on November 6th, here’s how:

Your Favorite Candidate:

Each of the candidates has a website with ways to volunteer.  These include Sherrod Brown, Richard Cordray/Betty Sutton, Kathleen Clyde, Susan Moran Palmer, Cassimir Svigelj and everyone up and down the ballot.  Visit your favorite candidate’s website to learn what you can do to help.

Rocky River Phone Bank:

Tuesday, October 23rd and 30th, 6 – 8 pm
2625 Westmoor, Rocky River

Just show-up on Westmoor with your cell phone at the above dates/time.  You’ll contact neighbors to emphasize how important it is that they vote.  Some folks simply need a nudge and a reminder.  This year, literally every vote matters.

Texting Out The Vote:

While remaining completely anonymous, download an app and begin reaching a lot of voters quickly and efficiently via text. Your full name and number are not revealed, you’ll use pre-formatted texts, and interact live with anyone who responds.  Get started by clicking HERE.

Distribute Door Hangers:

Many amazing fellow residents have already distributed thousands of door hangers in our community.  Yet, there are thousands more voters to reach, particularly those who are Independent.  If you’d like to distribute door hangers in your neighborhood, please send an email to submit@rockyriverdems.org.  It’s easy.   Leave one at a home and move on.  It may be the reminder that someone needs.


Knocking on doors and speaking with registered Democrats and Independents is one of the most effective ways to increase voter turnout.  There are multiple upcoming opportunities to canvass in Lakewood, Fairview Park and Bay Village.  To see the complete list and pick one, click HERE.

Yard Signs:

Yard signs for candidates are limited, but if you’d like one for your residence, please send an email to submit@rockyriverdems.org.  We’ll let you know what is available and deliver them to your door.

Other Grassroots Organizations:

While the Rocky River Democratic Club can help direct your efforts in specific ways, there are many other organizations that are mobilized to help Get Out the Vote.  Whether it’s the League of Women Voters, NOVA or others, pick one and volunteer a few hours.  It’s a good feeling helping to make a difference.

Shareable Information to Help Increase Voting:

Please share the following with family, friends and neighbors.  It just might be the one thing they need to know.

  • Vote by Mail: Yes, we have until Noon on Saturday, November 3rd to submit the application.  The actual ballot must be postmarked by Monday, November 5; or returned in person to the Board of Elections by 7:30 PM on Election Day.  Complete information can be found HERE.
  • To check your voting status and where to vote:  Click HERE and further click on the options in the upper left box.

Not Sure What To Do?:

If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments about helping to increase voter turnout in Rocky River, please send an email to submit@rockyriverdems.org.   We are in this together and every effort will make a difference.

A Quick Review:

Support your favorite candidate, phone bank, text, distribute door hangers, canvass, place a yard sign, help another grassroots organization, share important voter information, or contact the Rocky River Democratic Club.

None of us can do all of the above alone, but when each of us does one thing, our combined efforts have a powerful, cumulative effect.  Thanks to the many incredible volunteers who have already contributed their time and effort.  Let’s keep the momentum going!