Report on January 30th Meeting

The first Club meeting of the year on January 30th got off to a resounding start with a full house and renewed enthusiasm.  We were joined by eleven candidates or their surrogates running for various offices this year.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the individuals who seek our votes.  We’ll continue to provide more information  about the important choices we have in the May primaries and November elections.

One of the critical votes we’ll cast in November is for the re-election of Senator Sherrod Brown.  A featured presenter was Cindy Demsey, Co-Leader of Sherrod Brown’s re-election campaign for Cuyahoga County. In attendance was Gabrielle Jackson, also a Co-Leader of the campaign.  Cindy highlighted Senator Brown’s progressive roots and concern for the welfare of workers.  He will need our help to win and nothing can be taken for granted.  A fundraiser for the Senator will be held on February 19th at the Market Garden Brewery on West 24th St.  Contributions range from $25 (student) to $500 (sponsor).  For more information contact Meg Yee at or 916-799-2898.

Last March, the Club addressed the opioid crisis that, unfortunately, impacts families right here in Rocky River.  A critical tool to prevent overdose deaths is the use of Narcan.  To provide an update on this important issue, we were joined by community activist Barbara Folds and RRDC Treasurer Rob McRae.  Rob provided an update on the use of Narcan in city schools and circulated a petition to make the life-saving drug available to school nurses.  Barbara shared her personal experience and provided resources for families seeking help.  She emphasized that no one is alone in dealing with this terrible disease.  Resources are numerous and include:    Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services of Cuyahoga County, Project Dawn, and Dial 2-1-1 Program.

This is an important year politically and City Leader Steve Dever addressed the need for precinct leaders in Rocky River.  We have openings in 2B, 2C, 4A and 4C.  To check your precinct, click here.  Precinct leaders play an important role in the community and have an official role with the Democratic Party of Cuyahoga County, including the endorsement of county-wide candidates.  To learn more or to indicate your interest, please email  The filing deadline is February 7th.

President Mike O’Neil addressed two items that are important to the Club.  He asked members of the community to consider becoming official dues-paying members of the Rocky River Democratic Club.  The modest, annual membership can be paid securely on the Club’s website or a form can be downloaded and mailed with your check.  Mike also asked members to review draft versions of the Club’s bylaws and constitution; the documents can be viewed here.  We’ll discuss them at the next meeting with the objective of finalizing them this quarter.

Thanks to all of the candidates, presenters, and members who attended the meeting.  Please save the date for our next meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 7 P.M. at the Rocky River Public Library, 1600 Hampton.

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