The Environment and Redistricting

The Rocky River Democratic Club meeting on May 30th focused primarily on the environment.  Rich Snyder, the city’s Chief Forester, provided an overview of efforts to maintain our local environment.  Dave Karpinski from LeedCo described the Icebreaker wind farm that will be installed off Cleveland’s shores next year that will generate 500 jobs and green power for 7,000 homes.  Representatives from the Sierra Club and the Alliance for the Great Lakes were available to provide information on their respective efforts.

Just two days after our meeting, the United States withdrew from the Paris climate accord; a decision that will weaken efforts to combat global climate change.  Government and business leaders from around the world, as well as the Pope, denounced this decision.


Let your thoughts about this breathtakingly wrong decision prompt you to take positive actions in our own community:

  • The City of Lakewood passed a resolution in support of the Icebreaker Wind Farm in Lake Erie.  Contact Mayor Bobst at 440-331-0600 or and ask that the City of Rocky River pass a similar resolution to support the wind farm.
  • The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) regulates the siting of wind farms with a generating capacity of 5 or more megawatts.  Email the OPSB at to express your support of the Icebreaker Wind Farm in Lake Erie.  Include case #: 16-1871-EL-BGN Icebreaker Windpower in your message.
  • Support one or more of the campaigns by the Alliance of the Great Lakes.  They have a number of efforts to address pollution, invasive species, and more.  Consider supporting the Sierra Club or any number of other organizations that seek to protect the environment.
  • Call the White House at 855-980-5634 or 202-456-1111.  Let the one who made the decision know what you think!

Mayors, governors and corporations have vowed to pursue sound environmental policies without the support of the Federal Government.  Let’s join them by taking one of the actions above to preserve the environment for our families and future generations.


We also had two additional speakers at the meeting.  Lauren Walsh from Rocky River Meals on Wheels let us know that they need volunteers in food preparation and as drivers.  If interested, please call 440-333-6298.

Heather Macalla from Fair Districts Ohio discussed the very important issue of gerrymandering, its affect on our elections, and the critical need to reform our congressional districts.  Volunteers are needed to obtain signatures to get the measure on the ballot.  Liz Gerstenhaber will be the point person for our Club.  To support this important effort, please email Liz at:

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